A New Season – What Opportunities are Driving Renewed Investor Optimism?

March 2021

Alfred Lam, CFA, Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer and Marchello Holditch, CFA, CAIA, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, CI GAM | Multi-Asset Management

Spring has sprung! While this spring may not have the usual fever, the potential for a normal summer or fall is improving as over 300 million vaccine doses have been administered globally. In terms of your investments, our portfolios have generally done well since investor confidence and markets rebounded quicker than expected. Our overweight equity positioning and underweight government bond exposure since the end of last year provided an additional boost. It appears we are following the same storyline as 2010 when interest rates were last dropped to zero and central banks expanded money supply. However, this current episode is unfolding much quicker as investors learned from the last one.

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